Sunshine Where Are You?

Don't know what's going on with the weather here in Holland, 'cause the weather was first tropical but now it's kinda cold again! When yesterday I went out wearing only my leather bikerjacket I was almost freezing, so today I turned back to my wintercoat and shawl...AND IT'S FREAKING MAY! Anyway, next week I'm gonna enjoy (hopefully!!) the sun in...... Rome! Oh God I can't wait, Rome's such a beautiful city! I'm going there on a schooltrip, but I hope we'll get enough free time to go visit the city by ourselves and enjoy the Italian sunshine while eating an Italian Gelati! Not sure about what I'm gonna bring with me though, cause we're gonna visit churches and other monuments, and in most of them you're not allowed to enter if you're wearing a dress/skirt that's above the knee. So I actually hope it's not gonna be too hot, so I can wear my jeans and then I don't have to worry!

Oh Rome, beautiful Rome:

Xxx, S


Gwyneth Paltrow

Ooh, Gwyneth looks so elegant! I love the combination of the chino pants and the beige jacket. I think it looks really good on her. What do you guys think?

Mavala Nailpolish

Ahh I love nailpolish and I'm really into the pink/red colors. Here are my favorites of Mavala,  a very good brand! It's pretty cheap, but it's such a high quality. One coat gives full cover and it last for a couple of days.

(Color: La Paz)

(Color: Magic)

(Color: Marrakech)

(Color: Milky)

(Color: Hong Kong)

(Color: Juicy)

(Color: Paris)

Inspiring Jewelry: Dogeared

Lately I discovered this brand called 'Dogeared'. Their collection is based on inspirational words, like 'karma', 'believe' or 'explore'. I think it's really cute and that it actually is very inspirational. Wearing a bracelet with the words 'fearless' for example would actually remind me to be like that. You can purchase their collection on their online shop: http://www.dogeared.com/
Here are some pieces of the collection:


The army jacket is back! You can mix it with whatever you like, from cute dress to ripped jeans; it will look good!

(Olivia Palermo - Rachel Bilson - Alexa Chung)

You Never Have Enough Shoes

Sunny days + pretty but comfortable shoes = wedges! I love wedges, they look so elegant! Here's a selection of the wedges that caught my eye:

Forever 21 (25,00€)

H&M (39,95€)

Mango (79,95€)

New Look (49,99€)

Urban Outfitters (111€)


Loving Her Style

I almost always love Whitney Port's style, but I actually really love it when she dresses more 'rock'-ish. I love the leather skirt combined with the white top, she looks so pretty! Today I went at H&M and saw a simple leather skirt, it kinda looked like the one Whitney is wearing. I don't remember the exact price, but probably it wasn't more than 20€. So if you were looking for one... :)


In The Spotlight: William Tempest

William Tempest is a newcomer in the fashion world. But being new doesn't mean he hasn't achieved anything! On the contrary, this 25-year old boy from Great Britain has already showed his collections at the London Fashion Week and the New York Fashion Week. He also already has a bunch of celebrities that are fans of his designs, like Kate Moss, Alexa Chung, Emma Watson and Victoria Beckham. A new celebrity fan is Rihanna, she wore a customised version of a Tempest dress at her performance on X-Factor.


Ode To The Night

When The Night Comes

When the night comes
The shadows call your name
When the night comes
Nothing will be the same

When the night comes
No safety shall be found
When the night comes
There shall be no solid ground

When the night comes
The innocent shall sleep
When the night comes
A secret it shall keep

When the night comes
A promise shall be made
When the night comes
All trust will be betrayed

When the night comes
The shadows will be freed
When the night comes
You’ll pay for your misdeeds

- Raven Nevermore

When Spring Is Coming, Paris Is Calling!

My personal association with spring is somehow Paris, the most romantic city. Walking down the avenues, drinking a café at a cute little place, sitting on a bench in a park and feeding the birds... That's quite my ideal beginning of the spring season!

Louis Vuitton Speedy Look-a-Like

H&M has recently put a new bag in their collection, and I think the design is based on the famous Louis Vuitton Speedy bags. However, the bag has no symbols on it, but is plain brown (also very pretty). Ofcourse, the big difference between these bags is the price: the H&M bag costs only 19,95€, when the price for the LV bag is 500€ or more. 

(H&M - 19,95€)

(Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 - 500€) 

Yes, I Fell In Love With A Bag. So What?

I found my love at Asos.com: a bag from Paul's Boutique.

(Paul's Boutique, 80€)

When Spring Is Coming...

So, in a couple days it will be officially spring, which means it's time to shop some cute dresses! Lately I've been having a crush on white/cream dresses, so here's a selection of the ones that really caught my eye:

Introducing me...

Hello, I'm a 17 year old girl and I love fashion. In this blog I will write about fashion and everything that comes with it. I hope you will enjoy it, and feel free to comment, cause I would love to know what you guys think of it! To keep a long story short: Let's get fashionable!