Sunshine Where Are You?

Don't know what's going on with the weather here in Holland, 'cause the weather was first tropical but now it's kinda cold again! When yesterday I went out wearing only my leather bikerjacket I was almost freezing, so today I turned back to my wintercoat and shawl...AND IT'S FREAKING MAY! Anyway, next week I'm gonna enjoy (hopefully!!) the sun in...... Rome! Oh God I can't wait, Rome's such a beautiful city! I'm going there on a schooltrip, but I hope we'll get enough free time to go visit the city by ourselves and enjoy the Italian sunshine while eating an Italian Gelati! Not sure about what I'm gonna bring with me though, cause we're gonna visit churches and other monuments, and in most of them you're not allowed to enter if you're wearing a dress/skirt that's above the knee. So I actually hope it's not gonna be too hot, so I can wear my jeans and then I don't have to worry!

Oh Rome, beautiful Rome:

Xxx, S

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